Techniques for the 3D Lattice Quilt

3 Dimensional Lattice Quilt

I would like to tell you how to make the fun little lattice diamond I used in this month’s article (Color Considerations for Scrap Quilts).  I started with four 1 ½” strips 13 ½ inches long. (if you stagger the strips as I show in the pictures you can use shorter strips).

Sew the strips together in ascending value.  First the dark strip, then the medium dark, then medium light, then the light strip.  You can make maximum use of your fabric if you offset the strips by ½” each.


If you have a fancy 60 ⁰ ruler, then, by all means, use it.  But for those who don’t, no need to run out a buy a new tool, unless, of course, you are looking for a reason.

My ruler has a 60⁰/30⁰ line at each end.  If you look at the top of the light pink fabric, you can see the ruler mark lined up with the top of the fabric.  It took me a minute of turning the ruler back and forth until I figured out which line to use.  With the fabric offset, I just had to make sure that the edge of the ruler matched the angle of the fabric.

Notice how the staggered starts on the fabric means that there is less waste.

Once the first cut is made, turn the ruler around to get the angle going the other direction.  You can see the 30⁰ line at the top of the pink strip.  Make the second cut, this will create the first equilateral triangle.















Turn the ruler around again (back to its first position) and make the third cut.

Notice that the fourth cut is the same as for the second.  It should be getting easier.  You now have 3 of the four triangles cut.

Here is really the only tricky part.  Since there isn’t enough fabric left to line the 60⁰ ruler mark along the top of the fabric, I had to turn the ruler around one last time so that the ruler mark lined up with the bottom of the fabric.  This will give you the last (4th) triangle.

These 4 triangles will make 2 diamonds.

You can sew most of the light triangles together, but leave the dark ones separate.  You will need them apart to assemble the quilt top.  You can see on the edges of the quilt you will have a couple of light half diamonds (triangles) to keep the edges straight.

To eliminate having to make Y seams, this top is assembled in diagonal stripes





This strip represents the top most light stripe.
As a result, some of the dark diamonds have to be pieced with the lattice that goes next to it.

This method requires you to be really careful with your layout but eliminates Y seams.

Finally, when all the diamonds are assembled, the top and bottom will have jagged edges which will have to be cut off, to make them even.  You will then have an octagon.  I put dark batik triangles in each of the corners to make the quilt a rectangle.


3 Dimensional Lattice Quilt


If I get a lot of requests, I may turn this into a complete pattern (it is my own design), but hopefully this information will point you in the right direction if you choose to make a quilt similar to this yourself.

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  1. If you do decide to make this into a complete pattern please let me know. I’ve got about 4 quilts I need to make right now but I’m saving it in my ‘later’ file. Beautiful work. Love the complicated look but easy to do pattern.

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