The Magic of Disappearing Blocks

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It may seem like sewing a quilt block just to cut it all up again is a little crazy, but, when the pieces are rearranged and sewn back together, they can make complex and beautiful patterns more easily than sewing a multitude of smaller pieces.  And, who doesn’t like a shortcut?  When I first heard about Disappearing Blocks, I did what everyone does when they find a new idea, I started an internet search.  Google, and Pinterest, and Instagram, Oh My!  Anybody else fall down that rabbit hole?

Holy Cow!  There is a lot of information and a lot of different techniques.  For this article, and the newsletters that will follow, I am going to focus on Disappearing 4-Patch (D4P) and its cousins Disappearing Hourglass (DH) and Disappearing Pinwheel (DP).  Because, if you think about it, Hourglass Blocks and Pinwheel Blocks are just 4-Patch Blocks made of Half Square Triangles instead of solid pieces of fabric.

Here’s the basic idea: Take a 4-Patch block and make 4 cuts. 4-Patch Block 4-Patch block with cut lines
You will have 9 sub-blocks as shown here.cut 4-Patch pieces
Arrange these as directed and sew. The same thing works with Disappearing Hourglass Blocks and Disappearing Pinwheel blocks. Disappearing 4-Patch exploded view    disappearing 4-Patch sewn

Simple enough, but when I started experimenting and trying to make my own patterns, I discovered a few things. 

  1. When making the standard D4P Block and the standard DH Block, the exact location of the 4 cuts isn’t critical.  I call these blocks charm pack friendly and the cutting instructions for these is included below. 
  2. But, for the Disappearing Pinwheel Blocks, and many of the D4P and DH Blocks, the cuts MUST divide the block exactly into thirds.  In other words, all 9 sub-blocks must be square. There is a chart with cutting instructions for these below.
  3. If you make all the sub-blocks in the D4P and Disappearing Hourglass perfectly square, they can be re-arranged into hundreds of interesting blocks. 

Number 3 may be hard to believe.  Mathematically, 9 squares can be rearranged into 362,880 possible blocks.  Of course, the vast majority of those possibilities don’t result in a useable block. However, with some experimentation (I am the Questioning Quilter after all) I was able to find dozens of interesting blocks and hundreds of quilt layouts.   Some of these may be well known and found on the internet with starts like Disappearing Pinwheel Friendship star or Disappearing Hourglass Versions 1, 2 and 3.

Here are a few disappearing hourglass block variations:

12 different disappearing hourglass blocks

I have decided to explore the lesser known or previously unknown possible arrangements, and explore the multiple quilts that can be made from these blocks 

Here are a few disappearing hourglass quilt variations:

six disappearing hourglass quilt arrangements

I eventually want to write a book on the subject, but until then the easiest way to share new blocks and new quilts with my readers is to include them in my newsletter.
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My patterns have detailed step by step directions for blocks, but, for the newsletters, I have decided to use the “exploded block” to save room.

For example using the same 4-Patch pieces as shown above for the standard Disappearing 4Patch, here is the pattern for the Socket Wrench Block.   Disappearing 4-Patch socket wrench exploded view Disappearing 4-Patch socket wrench

To make the Socket Wrench Quilt shown below you need two versions of the Socket Wrench Block.The one above an this one. When put together, they make a fun tessellating pattern.   Disappearing 4-Patch socket wrench exploded view
Disappearing 4-Patch socket wrench
Here is the completed Socket Wrench Quit,

I think that this is a really nice design for a guy, especially one who is interested in tools.

For those who subscribe to my newsletter, you will get a new block and quilt every time I publish. I am hoping once every 4 to 6 weeks.
No matter when you subscribe, you will have access to all the archived newsletter to see previously published blocks.

This is the quilt I will be including in my first disappearing block newsletter.
Disappearing Hourglass variation Moroccan Tiles Quilt
  Disappearing 4-Patch Socket Wrench Quilt

The charts below have the cutting information for various size squares and blocks.

I find that the easiest way to cut the blocks is to measure from the center seam. Make a cut, then rotate the mat 90 degrees. Measure from the center seam and cut again. Keep rotating the mat and cutting until you have made 4 cuts.      

A few of the Disappearing Block designs do not need to be cut into perfect squares. I am calling these blocks “Charm Pack Friendly” and that will be noted on the pattern. I have two sizes, 5″ for using charm pack squares and 4 1/2″ for when charm pack squares are used to create Half Square Triangles.

Charm Pack Friendly Blocks
Initial Square or
Half Square Triangle
4Patch, Hourglass,
or Pinwheel
Before Cutting
How far to cut
from center seam
Finished Block
4 1/2″8 1/2″1 3/8″7″
5″9 1/2″1 5/8″8″

All of the disappearing block that I will be exploring will work if cut into exact thirds. This results in all of the sub-blocks being perfectly square.

Disappearing Block Sizes
Initial Square or
Half Square Triangle
4Patch, Hourglass,
or Pinwheel
Before Cutting
How far to cut
from center seam
Finished Block
2 1/2″4 1/2″3/4″3″
3 1/4″61″4 1/2′
4″7 1/2″1 1/4″6″
4 3/4″9″1 1/2″7 1/2″
5 1/2″10 1/2″1 3/4″9″
6 1/4″12″2″10 1/2″
7″13 1/2″2 1/4″12″
7 3/4″15″2 1/2″13 1/2″
8 1/2″16 1/2″2 3/4″15″
9 1/4″18″3″16 1/2″
10″19 1/2″3 1/4″18″

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  2. I couldn’t sleep until I got the hour glass quilt started. I am trying not to buy any new fabric but this deserved a fresh start! Can’t wait to buy the book! Thanks so much for sharing this – the amount of time alone has to be amazing! Thanks

  3. I just found your website and I am so excited to get started. Thank you for your inspiration.

  4. WOW! I am so glad I found your tutorials. My biggest issue with making quilts is I don’t enjoy making the typical quilts a lot of other quilters make. I love “Different” and your quilts definitely fit the bill. I am really looking forward to making them and I just might ot have to change anything in the pattern…LOL

  5. Sweet Lady,
    What’s happened to your weekly tutorials? I thought they were some of the best out there! Hope you haven’t given up!!
    Kathy Weverka

    • Hi Kathy,

      I haven’t given up, but the tutorials were going to be monthly at best. May went by in a blur, I got the video tutorial out but not a newsletter. Last month I timed how long it took to make the video without the newsletter and it was 2 full weeks just for that. I also do lectures, workshops and babysit my grandsons. I am just a one person operation operating out of my spare room. It is all that I can do to get one out a month.

      I will, for sure, have a newsletter out this month (cross my fingers), and hopefully a video to go along with it.

      Thanks so much for watching/reading


  6. Hi Brita,
    I love the disappearing four patch whirlygig two step and am going to make one for my granddaughter due in June. Thank you for sharing the pattern! I’d love some ideas on quilting it. How did you quilt yours?

    • I have not quilted it yet. These videos take so much time, I have only been able to make the top. I think that since this is all made with straight lines, a quick stitch in the ditch would work well.

  7. Brita, I really enjoyed all of your videos on You Tube. I also enjoyed exploring your website. I was hoping your book had already been published. I will buy i as soon as it comes out. Such a creative approach to disappearing blocks. Thanks for sharing your ideas and patterns with us. Please let me know when the book comes out. Thanks, Cheryl

    • Thank you so much for the support. I found out that publishers pay the average quilter $0.80 and $1 per book, UNLESS they are well known or have a big following. That is one of the reasons why I am making the YouTube videos and giving away free patterns with my newsletter. I will certainly let you know when the book is available!!!

  8. Hi from Brazil Brita. I am so happy I came across your videos yesterday. So many new combinations and beautiful effects when blocks are put together. I am an eager learner and addicted to watching videos about patchwork and quilting but your approach is new!I love your enthusiasm and I’m eager to start trying some of your designs!

    • Thank you very much. Welcome to my world from beautiful Brazil. I am very happy that you made this positive comment. I would love to see any of the quilts you make from my patterns.

  9. I love all the different blocks. Not sure which one is tops for me. I don’t have the patience to do this myself but appreciate your effort in doing this. Thank you so much for these patterns. Wish you would write a book as I would buy it. 🦋💕💜.

    • I am so happy that you like them. Funny you should say that, that is in my long term plan. Stay tuned and I will let you know when that happens.

  10. I very much enjoyed your presentation to the Quilters Guild of Indianapolis. I look forward to your book on the disappearing blocks.

    • I am so glad that you liked the lecture. Yours was a fun group to speak to. I hope to see you again some time.
      I will let you know when the book is out.


  11. Great presentation to the Oregon Coastal Quilters Guild yesterday! I enjoyed every minute and am looking forward to your newsletters and videos.

    • I am so glad that you enjoyed the lecture. Your guild was a lot of fun and I had a really good time.

  12. Hi Brita, I enjoyed the presentation you gave to our guild in Rochester, Minnesota on Monday evening. I would really like to try the Moroccan tile quilt but I’m not sure how to make it. Do you sell a pattern for it? I am a scrappy quilter😀

    • Hi Mary,

      I am so glad that you enjoyed the presentation. To get the pattern for the Moroccan Tiles quilt, you need to subscribe to my newsletter. There is a form on every page of my website. Every month you will get a new disappearing pattern and at the bottom of each issue is a link to the newsletter archive. The Moroccan Tiles pattern is in the March 2021 issue.


  13. The Moroccan Tiles are great! I loved your presentation at our guild, and I look forward to more of this series. Thanks so much for sharing your insights.

  14. Brita– You truly are a temptress! Do you think I don’t already have dozens of project ideas cooking in my brain? So now you come up with dozens more that are screaming for me to try!
    Thanks for the information and inspiration, but not for the temptation!


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